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These domains used to be authority sites but were abandoned by owners for some reasons

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They have extremely strong back links from reputable resources that could help them keep PR and Authority in long time.

Our service is unique of its kind all over the world and the numbers of the new added domains are quite limited. People dont usually abandon their authority sites, do they?
The list is updated once per day so we dont guarantee that all domains are available at the time you choose them because other clients may scrape them while you spend time shopping around.

How to buy authority domains from our stock?

The default list shows only first 60 results of any filter. If you are ready to buy, please post a request here together with your user name at our site so that we would open full list that contains 30,000+ domains with detailed info for you to surf.
Please export order then send us at . We will get back to you within 24 hours and send an invoice to your paypal email.
We will check all backlinks of domains you choose again to assure that they are still alive, then send you the updated authority backlink profiles. If you agree, we will then create a new account for you at our domain's registrar. You could start using the domains after 2-3 days from the payment. We will send you account user, password and backlink profile of all domains you buy.

Custom order

If you are searching for brandable domains or domains with keywords inside or any specific factor, just send us a request at for a custom order. It should include a list of keywords you like (one word keywords would be easier to find). We will do a thorough research and send back a list of what we got.

Refund policy

Please value the domains with all info below as they are.
We will grand a full refund for the domains which are not available only.

The info below is changing every second due to nature of the industry (domains not available, links deleted,...)
We refresh database once per day. Last update: 10-04-2014 8:35 AM